Yummy Granola Parfait

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Yummy Granola Parfait

Protein, vitamins E, B vitamins, and folate optimize your baby’s cell, brain, nervous system, and muscle development, while calcium builds bone and fiber helps your digestion.

Lovely for breakfast, or as a snack. On the run? Make this parfait in a mason jar with a lid. If you have some time and energy to spend in the kitchen, try our awesome Homemade Granola.

Serves 1
3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
1/2 cup fresh fruit or berries or your favorite fruit sauce
1/2 cup store-bought or homemade granola

In a glass, small bowl, or jar with a lid, make layers of the yogurt, sauce, and granola. Keep refrigerated if not eating promptly.

Tips for diabetes
Reduce your portion size or skip this recipe.

Approximate nutritional information: 1 granola parfait
Calories: 455 cals; Protein: 19 g; Carbohydrates: 56 g; Fat: 18 g; Fiber: 7 g; Sodium: 145 mg; Vitamin E: 7 mg; B6: .4 mg; B12: 1 mcg; Niacin: 5 mg; Riboflavin: .6 mg; Thiamin: .4 mg; Folate: 76 mcg; Calcium: 387 mg; Copper: .5 mg; Magnesium: 138 mg; Manganese: 3 mg; Phosphorous: 536 mg; Selenium: 22 mcg; Zinc: 4 mg; 4 CARBS

Source: Eating for Pregnancy: Your Essential Month-by-Month Nutrition Guide and Cookbook